The Association Etoile de Mer was set up in July 2003 to provide non-formal education to underprivileged adolescents . It runs a school, Etoile de Mer, located on the Coastal road of Roches Noires. It is the only school available, on the East Coast, for the underprivileged children aged 11-16 years old who have failed the CPE exams or been expelled from the official education system. Some of them have no ability to read or write and after repeated failures, as they come from very difficult social background such as poverty, abusive family life, drugs, alcohol and prostitution, are filled with frustration translated by anger, violence and disruptive behaviour. The school provides non-formal education through pedagogic program based on ANFEN curriculum to teach the basic academic skills up to grade 6 syllabus. 

The aim of the school is also to rehabilitate these children and provide a positive environment where they can learn basic social skills and values through sport, arts & crafts, manual skills and to help them reconcile with their situation and prepare them for the job market and/or apprenticeship.

The Association Etoile de Mer, a member of ANFEN, is a non-governmental, non-profit school that depends on The National Solidarity and Inclusion Fund (NSIF),  commercial sponsors and individuals generosity. The school continues to assist the growing number of adolescents needing a basic academic education, rehabilitation of their social skills and support to enter the job market to help them grow as responsible citizens.

The aims of the school are:

  • To conduct basic academic classes level through pedagogic learning program (ANFEN).
  • To promote development of non academic skills such as art, crafts, sport, gardening, cooking, sewing.
  • To develop learning capabilities through IT/ computer skills.
  • To provide a safe and positive environment to develop social values.
  • To prepare entry to job market and apprenticeship.