Mauritius Cycle Tour - Waiver and Indemnity

Waiver & Indemnity

I, the undersigned entrant/guardian of the entrant (*), for my family, team and accompanying persons, hereby waive all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in relation to the Mauritius 100km Cycle Tour (‘Event’) or otherwise against any parties, including but not limited to the organising bodies, sponsors, marshals, officials and advertisers and/or their directors, employees, suppliers and assistants of these parties, including any individual or agent (“the Parties”). I, hereby irrevocably and without need for consideration, indemnify and hold harmless the Parties against any (i) liability and/or claims of any nature whatsoever and however arising (whether directly or indirectly caused and whether arising from negligence, albeit gross, or from the participation or involvement in or passage to or passage from the Event or otherwise) or (ii) loss or damage to property or costs and expenses sustained, incurred or put to by Entrant and/or by any minor children under the care or control of Entrant. I, the undersigned, hereby warrant that I have read and I understand and undertake to observe all the instructions, rules, regulations and guidelines of this race and be bound by them.